Belton Regional Medical Center Emergency Team

Emergency Department

"I’m Shelby Jackson, a Registered Nurse and a member of the Belton Regional Medical Center Emergency Department. We have a great team that allows us to provide the best patient centered care. We strive to make every patient experience positive. Our “TEAM” is filled with experienced and committed healthcare providers. 

I had the opportunity, or should I say, the need to experience my own team’s patient care. Recently, I found myself taking my own father to Belton Regional Medical Center. He was visiting at my home and experiencing chest pain. I had just completed a shift at work, when I returned home to find him concerned and in some distress. The nurse part of me thought he should be checked out, but I was tired after a busy day at work. However, when things didn’t seem to get better for him, we headed to Belton Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department. Upon arrival, I found myself in a “family member” role instead of the employee caring for a patient. For me, that was really a challenge. But I also knew I worked with a great team of nurses and doctors. I had to trust their care with my family member who had heart attack in the Emergency Department. Once he was stabilized, our team of nurses and doctors made arrangements to transfer my father to Research Medical Center for further treatment. One of my co-workers went on the ambulance ride with him and the EMS crew. I knew I was putting all my faith in her and those who provided excellent care, not only at where I work, but also at a HCA Midwest Health sister facility. 

My team of coworkers collaborated to deliver superior quality care for my loved one, but not only for him, for all those who come to our ER. Our emergency team at Belton Regional Medical Center, is made up of engaged healthcare professionals committed to the best practices and delivering the highest quality care that our patient deserve. Every day, every patient, every visit.  

I can say that I am proud to work at Belton Regional Medical Center and highly recommend our hospital not only as a great place for people to work, but also as a great place for our staff, their families and those who live and work in our community to come when they need emergency care or other hospital services. Patients are our priority."

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