Brian Cross

Critical Care Technician

My name is Linda Dunaway and I am the Director of Radiology at Centerpoint Medical Center. My daughters attended a Chiefs’ game yesterday with a couple of friends. After the game, they returned to their car to find two flat tires. My daughter called my husband asking for help but he told her it would be a while as we couldn’t get into the parking lot when everyone else was leaving. They were in for a wait. Plus, with two flat tires, we thought we would probably have to tow the car. 

A little later, my daughter called back to tell us a good Samaritan had stopped to help them. He had an air pump in his car which he used to air up both tires. (We discovered later that the tires both had small holes in them (weird) but the air held until they got to our house.) Then he gave them the air pump in case they needed air before they got home! The girls and their friends were so amazed at and grateful for his kindness. Many other people had just walked by without offering to help. 

As the tires were being inflated, which took about 45 minutes, the group was visiting and my daughter asked the good Samaritan what his name was and where he worked. He told her his name was Brian Cross and he worked at Research Medical Center. When the girls got to our house, they told us how he had stopped to help even though his family was in the car. They couldn’t believe he would just give them the air pump in case they needed it. When they told me he worked at Research Medical Center, I told my daughters I was not surprised he worked at HCA. We take care of people inside the facilities and out! Brian went above and beyond to help my daughters when he could have just kept driving. As a mom, I am very grateful and as an employee of HCA, I am very proud!

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