Charlie Boller

Advanced Clinicals

My name is Valereen Vanderman and I am the Data Quality Coordinator at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

Charlie Boller has brought so many new opportunities to our hospital. I have overheard many doctors compliment her on the technology that she has introduced and implemented at this facility. In the last two years, she has launched multiple software applications. All of these applications-CPOE, Imobile, eRx, and One View-have enhanced the patient experience, improved employee workloads, and increased positive gains in process improvement issues. From improving communication in the unit, to the entire hospital and eventually influencing the entire division, there are very few areas where this technology hasn't touched. Beyond just the technology, whenever anyone wants to know how to "drive" an issue, Charlie is a valuable resource for all of leadership to reach out and utilize. Because of her ambition, she has inspired me to go back to college and obtain another degree. She has helped me address personal areas of improvement that I haven't been able to conquer before. She has helped us all realize our potential.

In this pioneering area of healthcare, Charlie Boller has set a high bar of excellence to achieve. In every instance, she not only reaches the goal but achieves it with flying numbers. In my opinion, she is well deserving of recognition and her efforts to improve patient care will be influential for years to come.

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