Coco McAtee

Women's Services

My name is Karen DePeal and I work with Coco McAtee at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

Coco is absolutely incredible with our new mothers. She sees patients who struggle with postpartum depression and helps moms and dads deal with difficult social issues. She is a huge advocate for babies who don't have a voice of their own. She works very hard to ensure that they are going to a home that is safe. Coco works very closely with the nurses on the units and at times gives them counsel on how to handle difficult patients. She is also the organizer of an event in the fall that allows for a celebration of life for those who had an infant loss. Coco regularly visits with antepartum patients and gives them the support and resources they need as they are sometimes in the hospital for weeks at a time. Coco is an incredible asset to Women's Services here at Overland Park Regional Medical Center and to the patients we serve.

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